Unique Polonez - stolen - retrieved - now for sale

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Unique Polonez - stolen - retrieved - now for sale

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Hello everyone !
My name is Sebastian and i live in Poland.
For last couple of years i was building and restoring my FSO Polonez 1.4 (With K16 Rover engine) to get to to most "full" gadgets.
But , last tuesday some "person" stoled my car , and when running from police he crashed....

I dont have money to revive it but i'am searching someone who has... and will buy my car "like it is" with all goods in it...

There are:
- Electricaly lifted front windows with "comfort" function (closing after pressing button on pilot to lock the doors)
- electricaly steered and warmed side mirrors
- Unique seats very rare (only 7 was made !) Inter Groclin Akupresura
- Power Steering adapted for special individual order
- 1.4 litre 16V Multipoint injection K16 Rover Engine
- An orciari bodykit (very rare)

and some other.

Is there anyone who can buy this car for a cheap price (about 700€) and restore it ?

Photos of the car before and after a accident you can see here:

https://plus.google.com/photos/11794573 ... 0549633745

There is also an article on polish moto portal , of this very rare car:

(need to translate)

http://motoryzacja.interia.pl/samochody ... Id,1385404

And this is how it was builded for four years...


If you want to buy it.. or have any questions - pleas contact me here or via email: stingerek@interia.pl